износ; изнашивание; истирание; срабатывание || изнашиваться; истираться; срабатываться

to wear away — изнашивать, изнашиваться

to check for wear — контролировать на износ (напр. инструмент)

to compensate for wear — 1) компенсировать износ (напр. направляющих) 2) вводить коррекцию на износ (напр. инструмента)

to wear in — прирабатывать, прирабатываться

to wear out — изнашивать, изнашиваться

- abrasive wear
- accumulative wear
- adhesive wear
- aggregate wear
- cavitation wear
- contact wear
- corrosive wear
- cover wear
- crater wear
- crater-type wear
- dresser diamond wear
- dressing wear
- edge wear
- electrode wear
- electroerosive wear
- erosive wear
- face wear
- fatigue wear
- flank wear
- fretting corrosion wear
- fretting wear
- frictional wear
- gasoabrasive wear
- gasoerosive wear
- hydroabrasive wear
- hydroerosive wear
- impact wear
- impressive wear
- intellectual wear
- interference wear
- limiting wear
- local wear
- mechanical wear
- mechanical wheel wear
- mechano-chemical wear
- mechano-corrosive wear
- moderate wear
- normal wear
- nose wear
- oxidative wear
- permissible wear
- rubbing wear
- seizure wear
- taper wear
- thermoelectric wear
- thermoelectrical wear
- tool wear
- uneven wear
- work wear

English-Russian dictionary of mechanical engineering and automation. - RUSSO. . 2003.

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